What Services AFA Offer

AFA Financial Planning

Rethink your approach to managing money.

We are passionate about helping others understand the true currency of life and how you can write your life story with the right financial plan.

AFA Lending

The AFA Lending experts have the insight to know a great opportunity and the right connections to present you with suitable options to see you fund your dream home, business venture or life experience.

AFA Accounting

Life’s too short to waste time counting beans. Partner with AFA for all your financial needs and reap the benefits of a streamlined service saving you time, avoiding repetitive conversations and seeing your money allocated wisely.

AFA General Insurance

Nothing in life is guaranteed, and while we cannot control what may happen to us, we can control how we prepare and respond.

We don’t believe in fearing the future, instead we believe in being appropriately insured so that you can enjoy life with confidence.

AFA Estate Planning

It’s Your Legacy. We’re here to help.

Ensure your family and loved ones are protected and that your wishes are realised just as you intended. Start your free no-obligation need assessment here.

Empowering you, the AFA way

At AFA, we’re committed to helping everyday Australians achieve their financial objectives  – an ethos that has earned us the trust of thousands of clients.