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About AFA

Founded in 1986, Australian Financial Advisers (AFA) is one of Australia’s leading financial services providers dedicated to helping Australians secure their future and achieve their goals.

Whether you’re just starting out on your working career, having children, consolidating your assets or planning for your retirement, we are here for you every step of the way on your extraordinary life journey.

The AFA Way

Are you too busy trying to create wealth to realise what it’s really costing you?

Place your hand over your heart.

Listen, feel it.

It will beat 122,400 times today.

Do not waste precious beats forgetting why you are really alive.

Yes we work in finance but our core currency isn’t money – it’s heartbeats, because sometimes in life the important things aren’t just about the money.

We know money matters, we know money can bring opportunity but we also know life gives so much more. At AFA we focus on what brings you joy, what makes your heart skip a beat and we help you create a life story that’s worth telling. That’s the AFA Way.

The one true wealth we have is our life and we each have approximately 4 billion heartbeats in our lifetime, but it’s not guaranteed. What we each do with our 4 billion heartbeats is crafted by the choices we make and opportunities we take.

You’ve got dreams and desires and it’s time to live them. We can help you organise your finances to give you the freedom to enjoy your lifestyle by design, not be trapped by the burden of money. Participate in life, don’t be a spectator and don’t let life throw you in the deep end unexpectedly. Let us provide you with that financial safety net to confidently live now and look forward to a positive future.

At AFA we are innovators not imitators. Our approach:

  • We are willing to challenge conventional thinking
  • We promote elegant simplicity by removing complexity
  • We provide clarity and direction
  • We customise all plans and advice to the individual – your own personal recipe, ingredients and method for your ideal lifestyle.
  • We set achievable plans that are easy to implement

Money is just the medium to acquire happiness. At AFA, the things we love in life aren’t all about the money, that’s the AFA way.

Our Founder, Paul Betti

AFA Founder Paul Betti is best described as a facilitator of change with a purpose to serve.

His extensive background in the financial sector coupled with his infectious passion for life has seen him consistently guide and inspire the AFA team to think bigger, try harder and give more.

From humble beginnings in the Northern Territory back in 1986 to a nation-wide company servicing thousands of city and regional clients, Paul has taken AFA from strength to strength.

“The best is still ahead of us for there are no boundaries to what we can achieve.
Right now is where our future begins.”

– Paul Betti.

Driven by a deep desire to help people live their best possible life without being burdened by money woes, Paul recognised a need to assist Australians with a range of financial services. Now, AFA has evolved into a holistic business encompassing a range of financial services from insurance and mortgage broking to salary packaging.

For Paul, money is the means, not the end goal and he is passionate about helping everyone squeeze the most out of life.

Paul is a member of the Financial Planning Association (FPA).

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Empowering you, the AFA way

At AFA, we’re committed to helping everyday Australians achieve their financial objectives  – an ethos that has earned us the trust of thousands of clients.