AFA Lending

AFA Lending

Fund your dream home, business venture or life experience.

It is rare that any of us will have exactly the right amount of money we desire at the time we need it to see our dreams become reality. This doesn’t mean our ideas are destined to fail or that our goals are unattainable. The AFA Lending experts have the insight to know a great opportunity and the right connections to present you with suitable options to see you fund your dream home, business venture or life experience.

With an incredible reputation for innovation and quality service, the AFA lending team prides themselves on supporting clients at all ages and stages of life. Listening to the needs of clients, AFA Lending will negotiate with an extensive panel of lenders to source the best financial solution.

Whether you are looking to purchase your first home, invest in property or accessing capital to grow your business, AFA Lending can assist you in securing competitive finance fast.

Talk to an AFA Lending expert about:

• Asset Finance • Residential Finance
• Commercial Finance • Construction Finance
• Trade & FX Finance

Asset Finance

Supporting large corporates and small businesses, AFA Lending are experienced in securing flexible finance solutions for vehicle and asset purchases to support business growth.

• Equipment Loan (Chattel Mortgage)
• Hire Purchase
• Finance Leasing
• Novated Leasing

Residential Finance

Purchasing property can be daunting but when you partner with an AFA Lending expert, you can buy with confidence knowing that you’ve secured a great finance deal.

• Purchase your first home
• Upgrade or downsize your home
• Invest in residential property
• Accessing equity for personal or investment purposes
• Refinance or consolidate existing debt

Commercial Finance

There is a wealth of opportunity for those willing to take a chance on new business ventures. AFA Lending can help you take the next step in your corporate journey by helping you secure the right funding.

• Purchase a commercial property
• Purchase a business
• Expand your business
• Restructure existing business debt
• Assist with cash flow
• Facilitate import/export trade

Construction Finance

Whether you need finance for commercial projects or residential developments with or without pre-sales, AFA Lending will find the right lender and negotiate the best terms on your behalf to help get your project off of the ground.

Trade and FX

Supporting importers and exporters of goods and services, AFA Lending can provide advice and assistance in managing your cash flow needs with access to an extensive panel of financial institutions.

Options include:
• Bank Guarantees • Standby Letters of Credit • Documentary Letters of Credit
• FX Trades – Spot and Forward • Foreign Currency Accounts

Empowering you, the AFA way

At AFA, we’re committed to helping everyday Australians achieve their financial objectives  – an ethos that has earned us the trust of thousands of clients.